The autumn months are hidden beyond the tail end of summer, beckoning towards that inner beacon that sets your sights on all things home. Kids start to line up at the bus stop, anxiously awaiting their first days back at school, and schedules become more routine as the raucous adventures of the warmer months become fond memories held close to one’s heart.

As the air turns crisp and the leaves start to flaunt their colors, thoughts of freshening up your home with fall accents to give it that warm harvest feel have you wondering where to begin. Luckily, Michael Skaff of Skaff Floral Creations in Hinsdale, Illinois has the expertise to assist you in every facet of your fall home décor.



Michael’s Tips for Fall:

  1. Plant dahlias in your garden, window boxes, or decorative garden containers, as they are beautiful flowers that can be enjoyed throughout the late summer and early fall months. Look for the dinner plate variety to showcase their large and colorful blooms.
  2. Use your decorative garden containers and bring them into your home or up on the porch filled with your favorite fall plants, flowers, or ornamental accents, such as, Indian Corn, gourds, or bunches of straw flowers to give your spaces a rustic harvest look.
  3. Collect your favorite garden flowers for drying and pressing (vintage flower presses are back in fashion and are available on line). Hydrangea is a great bloom that offers a ton of texture and is relatively easy to dry. Simply remove foliage and hang the stem upside down in bunches of 5 stems in a dark, dry location. Make sure the flower heads do not touch and are not too dense, as they could develop mold.
  4. Great things from nature that you can incorporate into your floral arrangements include vines, ivy, bittersweet, and fall clematis, as well as, ornamental grasses, such as zebra, millet, wheat, and pampas.
  5. Add berries into your floral arrangements to add interest and texture. Look for privet, ilex, holly, hypericum, china, and snowber
  6. Adorn your front door. Nothing is more inviting than a great wreath or swag that expresses your individual style and welcomes your guests.

Fall_pink_600x400Fall_Yellow_600x400As a member of Color Marketing Group, a prestigious group of industry leaders that sets the trends for color and design, Michael Skaff says, “Copper will be huge this fall.

We’ve seen copper really take off in Asia and Europe and I believe it will be the perfect fit for your home décor this harvest season.” Skaff recommends looking for hints of copper when searching for that perfect vase or basket, or possibly incorporating into a wreath, or door swag to show off its warm and inviting chic appeal.

Skaff believes the fall season should be about pulling nature and color into your home earlier rather than later. Start in late August and early September to enjoy this décor late into the season, enjoying it through the Thanksgiving holiday. Accent pieces include traditional cornucopias, vintage aged or distressed pottery, pumpkins, gourds and pine cones. When designing Skaff carefully chooses Fall materials from nature that work well together including white or purple baby eggplants, cranberries, artichokes, fresh apricots, cat tails, ornamental grasses, reeds, or poppy and or nigella pod and of course the every popular sunflower.

Are your ready for fall? If you want an expert on your side to make your home reflect the beauty of the season look no further. Visit or call (331)801-0018 to explore the decorating possibilities for your home.

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