It may seem like a tiny detail to your wedding celebration, but choosing your flowers can start to feel overwhelming if you don’t even know where to start.

At Skaff Floral Creations you’ll fall in love with our bouquets and arrangements. Each flower helps to convey the emotions of the event and set the tone for the day.

Here are a few simple steps to creating the wedding day of your dreams.

Sun Blush Bouquet

Sun Blush Bouquet

1. You can never be wrong

You like what you like and are drawn to it for a reason. Selecting flowers is a personal choice, but you also want to consider the theme of your wedding to make sure everything is cohesive.

Let Skaff Floral Creations advise you as to what works best and how to use the flowers you have your heart set on, or find something that is similar, but a better fit for your big day.

2. Educate yourself

It’s time to plan. Have fun with it! Check out our Wedding Flower Indexes and start to have an opinion on the different possibilities you have to choose from. You may also want to check out Pinterest, wedding magazines, and wedding websites to learn more about the different available flower varieties.

Know that flowers are highly symbolic and different blooms and colors represent varying themes and ideas. Get to know the language of flowers. You might find the perfect way to tie a thought or emotion into your wedding theme simply by choosing a single bloom incorporated throughout each arrangement.

Classic wedding flowers include: roses, peonies, lilies, calla lilies, hydrangea, and orchids. When you know the classics you can decide to lean into tradition or take a different path.

Get Noticed

Get Noticed

3. Determine the budget

Knowing how much you can spend will help us assist you in planning for the event. Be up front about your budget.

Skaff Floral Creations is here to assist you and the budget helps us understand what may or may not be possible. Working within your budget – we will make your wedding day gorgeous!

4. Color Connection

Determine the color palette for your wedding. This will be a help in the choice of flowers that will best fit your event. You want colors that will compliment your dress and the bridesmaid dresses.

Since you will be holding the bridal bouquets for most of the photography before, during, and after the ceremony you want them to truly pop against those colors chosen for the dresses.

Consider also the colors of the season in which you will be wed. Flowers that are in season at this time may cost less as they are more readily available. Today, however, most flower varieties are available throughout the year. You want tulips in December? No problem!

Here are some popular flowers for each color palette to get you started:

  • White — roses, orchids, lilies, calla lilies, tulips, sweet pea, camellia, stephanotis, gardenia, lily of the valley, jasmine, and snowdrop.
  • Pink — roses, orchids, lilies, calla lilies, ranunculus, peonies, sweet pea, carnations, and tulips.
  • Purple —roses, calla lilies, tulips, lavender, lilac, anemone, statice, gilly flower, iris, delphinium, and hydrangea.
  • Yellow —roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, daffodils, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, traditional daisies, and freesia.
  • Red — roses, tulips, dahlia, poinsettia, carnation, 
ranunculus, orchids, peonies, mini calla lilies, and 
Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In

5. Season of Love

As stated above, using seasonal flowers for your 
wedding bouquets and arrangements can affect your budget. Out of season flowers are always an option but do increase the cost of your event. Choosing seasonal flowers also helps you tie your theme into the outdoor landscapes and décor that might already be in place at your hall, church or temple.

This is when you might find some of your favorite flower varieties coming into bloom:

  • Spring Flowers — amaryllis, anemone, daffodil, freesia, gerbera daisies, lily of the valley, ranunculus, peony, stephanotis, and sweet pea.
  • Summer Flowers — anthurium, chrysanthemum, gypsophilia, lily, magnolia, peony, rose, and sunflower.
  • Fall Flowers — agapanthus, aster, clematis, daisy, hosta, hydrangea, passion flower, and pinks. 
-Winter Flowers: camellia, euphorbia, iris, nerine, pansy, poinsettia, snowdrop.
  • Year-Round Flowers — calla lily, carnation, rose, orchid, and tulip.

Let Skaff Floral Creations bring joy and fun to your wedding planning as we work together to select gorgeous flowers and artistic arrangements to transform your day into the wedding of your dreams.

Schedule your consultation today! Call Skaff Floral Creations, 508.801.6015.

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