Home decor flowers by florist Michael Skaff

Fill your rooms with color and a special touch of elegance with home decor flowers by florist Michael Skaff. Bring our bouquets and stylized flower arrangements into your home and watch the beauty unfold. Our stunning floral designs will take your interior decor to a whole new level of “wow.”

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Rustic Riches. Fresh from the garden, this stunning bouquet of viburnum, nigella, white anemones and ferns is the perfect combination for your next dinner party.
Bring in the Light. Daffodils and orchids are brought together to create an interesting arrangement that adds light and beauty to the darkest corners.
Sophisticated Settings. Fresh green accents make even the most casual meal take on a refined richness.
Fresh Fragrance. Lilies are an all time favorite, exhibiting gorgeous star-shaped blooms and filling a room with a captivating fragrance.
Elegant Gatherings. Make your next dinner party the one everyone wants an invitation to when you bring in elegant centerpieces and fresh floral arrangements. Exclusively at Skaff Floral Creations.
Distinguished Style. White roses make them look twice,these blooms cast light and fresh beauty with their swirl of perfect petals.
The Perfect Touch. This room suddenly comes alive with beautiful white blooms of white roses, lisianthus, and snapdragons.
Sunny Settings
Sunny Settings. Soft and sweet, this bouquet of narcissus, roses and China berries dress up a room with a glowing radiance.
Get in Line. There’s a casual beauty to bouquets accenting a side table. These mono-botanical bouquets of white hyacinth is a fresh modern way to give a space new life.
Best in Blue. The tiny blue blooms clusters of this gorgeous blue hydrangea make the accent pieces in this room pop.
Orchid Allure. Orchid plants are an elegant way to bring a soft sophistication to any space as they display their stems of long lasting exotic blooms.
Blue Skies. Add interest to your countertops, shelves, or side tables with beautiful fresh plants, such as this casual blue hydrangea.
Elegant Pairings. Unique flower arrangements give a special vibrancy to the art in a room. Graceful poppies, and white iris adorn this epergne vase.
Artistic Embellishments. Celebrations and family gatherings take on new life when artistic floral centerpieces feature the bounty of nature. This bouquet features roses, snapdragons, ornamental kale and millet grasses.
Abundant Beauties. Make a huge impact with color and texture. Skaff Floral Creations will help express your design style and add that finishing touch to any room. This bouquet features roses and assorted foliages.
Sunny Day Spirit. Lighten the mood of a room with bright yellow roses and blue hydrangea reflecting the cheerful beauty of la sunny day.
Exquisite Design
Exquisite Design. This modern design style of rich green blade grasses that take center stage and is accented with preserved hydrangea and yarrow flowers.
Colorful Creations. Fresh flowers turn this small accent table into an eye-catching space, bringing together brilliant red ranunculus and green viburnum blooms for a bit of drama.
Lovely Lilac. A springtime favorite, lilacs dress up even the most casual spaces with their soft lavender color and exquisite fragrance.
Garden Party Perfect. Let Skaff Floral Creations help you make your next outdoor event more than a casual get together, but rather something truly spectacular. This bouquet features sweet peas, nigella blooms and garden ivy.
Gorgeous Greetings. Sometimes a space needs something other than a flower bouquet.  Let Skaff Floral Creations create a fresh wreath or wall hanging giving you a burst of color.
Soft Sophistication. Creamy daffodils create a standout accent piece when placed on the mantle to bring a fresh beauty to this living space.
Casual Elegance
Casual Elegance. Dress up your coffee table! Amaryllis and tulips together for a classic look you will love. Available at Skaff Floral Creations.
Sweet Impressions. Peonies are always a great choice to bring texture and blushing color to any room with their large blooms and high petal count.
Purple Passion. The deep purple hues of salvia and thistle combined with the velvety dusty miller make this floral design captivating to the eye.
Finishing Touches. Complete the look of this room with florals from Skaff Floral Creations. This stylish bouquet boasts miniature calla lilies, white hydrangea, and royal purple anemones.
Cherished Heirlooms. Let Skaff Floral Creations fill your favorite vases  with fresh flowers each week. This European hand-tied bouquet of blue hydrangea and purple roses is simply stunning.
Sunset Sweetness. Hot pink roses, orange garden roses and dahlias, fill this space with vibrant color, bringing a refreshing energy that can only be found through the world of flowers.
Color Connection
Color Connection. Let color take on a new role in your home. Deep purple hyacinth, coral roses, hot pink freesia and purple tulips create a statement.
Garden Gorgeous. Bring the outdoors inside with garden inspired floral arrangements of hydrangea, tulips, roses and hyacinth. Garden floral bouquets bring harmony and joy to your home and family.
Peach Perfection. Soft and sweet, peach and cream roses are set to bring beauty into your everyday or help you celebrate with friends and family.
Sun-drenched Centerpieces. Bring warmth and beauty to your dining areas with fresh floral centerpieces a specialty of Skaff Floral Creations.
Modern Inspirations. Floral design is not always predictable.  Sometimes flowers can bring a whole new element of design style to traditional spaces. This design features French Tulips in a crescent shape.
Michael J Skaff Floral Designs

“Turn a simple room into an inviting space with the bright blooms and arrangements of delicate fragrance. At Skaff Floral Creations we pride ourselves on featuring unique designs incorporating the latest international trends.” Michael J. Skaff

Skaff Floral Creations is set to assist you in making your next family or holiday event filled with beauty, style, and  sophisticated flair. Set the tone with unique tablescapes, artisanal floral arrangements and centerpieces, and those simple touches that can take a basic space and transform it into the event your family and friends will still be talking about years later.

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