Skaff_blog_Harvest_flowersTransitioning from the summer into the crisp and colorful autumn months ahead is met with excitement for it is the season of abundance.

Celebrating autumn in the home can be achieved by simply bringing bolder colors into each space. Golden yellows,rich plums and eggplants companioned with bold oranges and reds offer inspiration and sophistication to any room.

Skaff_blog_Harvest_paintingPreparing for fall means getting the gardens ready for winter.  It’s time to remove spent annual flowers and vegetables, cut back perennial flowers to the ground, weed the garden well, and dig and store tender summer bulbs, such as dahlias.

Start thinking about mulching around the perennial beds with straw or chopped leaf mulch. Don’t forget to lime the gardens well since many mulches can raise the acidity of the soil.



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