Corporate flowers by florist Michael Skaff

Enhance the tone and mood throughout your office with corporate flowers by florist Michael Skaff. Fresh flower arrangements in the reception area and conference rooms uplift the spirit of employees and visiting clients. Make Skaff Floral Creations your “go to” source for your corporate floral needs.

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The Perfect Touch. A grouping of fresh bouquets create an impact when displayed in key areas throughout your corporate environment.
True Elegance. Make a statement with a grand foyer arrangement intended to give your business an opulent look.
Second Look. Gorgeous ginger stems bursting with color create a look of winning sophistication for your office suites.
Memorable Meetings. A dramatic grouping of similar flowers adds interest, color, and style to your next meeting, conference, or corporate event.
Subtle Inspiration. A simple presentation of fresh amber colored blooms of calla lilies and orchids is not distracting.
Stunning Statement. This lush exotic hotel lobby arrangement is sure to dazzle and welcome your guests.
Lasting Impressions. Bouquets of abundant white hydrangea blooms, give your waiting room a distinctive appearance.
Sophisticated Sights
Sophisticated Sights. White double stem phalaenopsis orchids are a standout choice adding fresh beauty to your front desk or meeting spaces.
Bejeweled Blooms. They’ll look twice with this stunning bouquet featuring a purple succulent at the center surrounded by red roses and violet orchids creating an impact they won’t soon forget.
Fresh Finesse. Give your office a fresh, modern look with long lasting exotic anthurium blooms.
Clean Connections. Clean and simple, this bouquet of tropical Anthurium, assorted foliages and French tulips says it all.
Energetic Elegance. Bring vibrancy to your next corporate event with tall impressive chartreuse dendrobium orchid sprays.
Radiate Success. Purple is the current trend. Purple mokara orchids exemplify this to the max.
European Wonders. This simple european hand-tied bouquet by Skaff’s adds a lovely addition to any reception or conference area.
Perfect Purples. Purple Phalaenopsis orchids are the ideal choice to brighten up and lend warmth to any office.
Lasting Impressions. Sophistication is the order of business at your next conference dinner with these stunning arrangements.
Flowering Focus
Flowering Focus. It’s all in the details. Gorgeous artistic floral pieces always get a second look when designed to create a visual impact with each element.
Purple Posh. Flowering finesse at its best, these centerpieces of purple roses and hydrangea are sure to bring color, beauty to your next corporate event.
Refined Elegance. Gorgeous cream peony blooms offer a simple sophistication that won’t go unnoticed with their clean, elegant look.
Celebration Style. Calla Lilies create heightened drama for your next celebration.
Blooming Intrigue. Creative design inspires creativity in the workplace!
Soft Serenity. White lilies and soft Queen Ann’s lace blooms create a garden gorgeous flower bouquet.
Modern Wonder
Modern Wonder. Glass tubes of luxurious calla lilies, orchids, dianthus and fluffy white hydrangea criss-cross in a modern style.
White Wonder. Let us create a spectacular arrangement of white spray orchids making that next corporate event a truly stunning and memorable evening.
Unforgettable Style. Bright red anthurium and gladiolus create a dynamic design when combined with mini white calla lilies in a rectangular black vase.
Pink Delight. Long lasting cymbidium blooms make the perfect office gift.
Best in Burgundy. Brilliant red roses and decadent chocolate mini calla lilies pique your color “taste buds.”
It’s in the Details. A trio of arrangements featuring fragrant white hyacinth ushers in the refreshing beauty to the office space.
Perfect Peace
Perfect Peace. White orchid plants give this office space a serene look, calming the eye, the mind.
Warm Welcomes. White calla lilies give your spaces that look of classic elegance ready to greet your clients with beauty and warmth.
Clean & Bright. Tulips create an inviting display in clean white ceramic containers accenting tables at your next corporate event.
Fresh Focus. Crisp white roses never disappoint and easily fit into any environment.
Celebrate Your Team. Create a moment that will never go out of style with amazing floral centerpieces and table elements that are simply unforgettable.
Motivating Moods. Go from blah to booming with colorful blooms that dress up even the dullest spaces.
Inviting Accent Pieces
Inviting Accent Pieces. Decorate the office wall or door with custom silk wreaths that give color and a “wow factor” to the space.
Bold Blooms. Red roses take on a fresh look when paired with a moss sphere in this stunning sculptural flower arrangement.
Rubied Riches. Red and pink blooms are sweet, but also pack a powerful punch of color, in this simple frosted glass vase.
Corporate Color. Fresh tulips bring life to every corner of the office, often lifting spirits.
All the Frills. Make your next corporate banquet one to remember with gorgeous and opulent floral designs.
Creative Approach. Sometimes it’s not simplicity that will get you noticed, sometimes it’s presenting creative flower arrangements.
Set for Success
Set for Success. Colorful flower bouquets create a certain energy in the sometimes static décor of a modern office.
Picture Perfect. Take advantage of wall alcoves and other architectural elements in your office space to create drama.
Michael J Skaff Floral Designs

“Having fresh flowers in an office environment is the perfect way to show your staff and clients that you want them to tap into the beauty that life has to offer, lifting spirits and morale with each exquisite bloom.” Michael J. Skaff

Skaff Floral Creations is set to assist you make your next corporate dinner, business meeting, conference, or holiday event one filled with beauty, style, and that sophisticated flair that will set you apart from the rest. Set the tone with unique tablescapes, artisanal floral arrangements and centerpieces, and those simple touches that can take a basic space and transform it into the event your employees and clients will still be talking about a year later.

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