2016 Wedding Dress Trends

The wedding dress should express your personal style, flatter you from head to toe, and transform you into what you feel is the best version of yourself.

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2016 Pantone Colors

Over the past few blog posts we’ve explored the most popular wedding and flower themes on trend for 2016.  Today let’s take a look at the colors that are capturing everyone’s attention and heart as couples start to plan for their upcoming nuptials. Color is... read more

Flowers That Fit Your Wedding Theme

Last time on the blog we took a look at popular wedding themes for 2016, exploring the key design elements that develop the Trendy-Luxe, Vintage Garden, and Modern Boho themes.  Today, let’s take a look at my favorite key design element, and a must have for every... read more

2016 Wedding Trends – Love is in the Air!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air!  A popular and romantic time to pop the question, many couples get engaged throughout the months of November through February due to the large amount of events and special occasions that happen at this... read more

Williamsburg Inspired Holiday Decorating

History Many years ago, before the European settlers brought the very first Christmas tree to America, the Yule log, a strong large tree stump was cut down by the settlers of Williamsburg and hidden in the woods until several days before Christmas. The town’s people... read more

Harvest Abundance

Transitioning from the summer into the crisp and colorful autumn months ahead is met with excitement for it is the season of abundance. Celebrating autumn in the home can be achieved by simply bringing bolder colors into each space. Golden yellows,rich plums and... read more

8 Bridal Bloom Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Bloom Blunder #1 Not including flowers in your budget. Often brides think about securing the spaces for the ceremony and celebration, what the dress will cost, transportation costs, and even how to get that perfect wedding cake before they think about the cost of... read more

The Language of Flowers

Flowers express emotions we often have a hard time conveying with words or even other gifts. Simply through its color, texture and even fragrance, a fresh floral bouquet can encourage someone you care for; shower your special someone with love; offer support through a... read more

Flowers Inspiration

Flowers are a simple way to bring nature’s beauty into everyday living. When fresh flowers are brought into a room the space suddenly comes alive with color!

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Let Nature Take It’s Course

The autumn months are hidden beyond the tail end of summer, beckoning towards that inner beacon that sets your sights on all things home. As the air turns crisp and the leaves start to flaunt their colors, thoughts of freshening up your home with fall accents to give it that warm harvest feel have you wondering where to begin….

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Honoring Your Loved Ones

The ancient Greeks believed when flowers planted at a gravesite flourished symbolized that the departed had found happiness in the after-life. We continue this tradition today by honoring our departed loved ones with flowers at holidays and throughout the year.

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The White House Connection

There is nothing as thrilling as getting a call from the White House. A noted floral designer who recently opened up shop in Hinsdale, Ill., Michael Skaff has been sharing his floral arranging and design talents with the White House staff for large events since the Clinton administration.

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Flower of the Month: Lavender (Lavandula)

Few sights are as stunning as gazing out on a field of Lavender. Their exquisite color, the soft scent and endless beauty are nothing short of captivating. Lavender’s silvery or grey-green foliage against its conical purple flower heads make a standout statement. It’s an ideal fit for your herb or summer garden.

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Michael J Skaff

“My love for nature’s beauty inspires my creativity in design making every event intimate and unforgettable”

Michael J. Skaff AAF, AIFD, PFCI — International Floral Designer

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